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In a society where mainstream media promotes negative stereotypes of both community and youth, it is hard to stay mentally inspired and empowered.

Karen Nyame, a young woman from North London, felt there needed to be a change. Her passion for people and expression pushed her to cook up an idea that she hoped would help influence the mind-sets of her community, her nation and the world. Karen Nyame started a project in 2014 with three simple aims; to allow young people to express themselves in a range of ways, to encourage young people to empower one another and to see a change in the hearts and minds of young people in a positive way.

These aims brought about the birth of The Stir Box, a platform providing wholesome entertainment with stimulating side effects and an inspiring after taste. The channel hosts a range of original and commissioned content taken from young people with a world of talent to share.

The Stir Box. Food For Thought, Feed Your Mind.