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  We are no stranger to the stigmatization of young black males in the media and society. Our perceptions have been marred by controversial storylines of crime, drugs, lack of academic qualifications – all of which have proven to be quite damaging generalisations. ‘The New Stereotype (TNS)’  is a film that “uses fashion and photography […]

Heels Off is a sassy, brand new, British online talk show that brings life to modern day topics such as relationships, love, beauty, fitness and more. The UK equivalent to USA’s The View or The Real, here you have a group of black beauties gracing the stage, providing unique perspectives on life issues and situations. In […]

The Youth Media Agency – courtesy of The Voice of the Viewer and Listener – have FREE tickets (normally £105) to give away to 4 young candidates for a special day event, with lunch included, to discuss the future of the BBC and Channel 4. The winners will have the opportunity to meet lots of media people who care about […]

  SBTV’s Jamal Edwards MBE, has officially joined Apple’s new music-streaming service, Apple Music. Excitingly under the new deal, SBTV will curate playlists of songs on Apple Music. Edwards told Music Business Worldwide that: “We have a global following but our new Apple Music channel will be a great opportunity to magnify the reach of the […]

Ongoing speculation continues as ITV still remains silent on BBC bidding war rumours for The Voice UK. Rumours have been brewing since the weekend when it was revealed that the BBC had lost the singing show to a rival broadcaster. The BBC reported on Saturday that the fifth series – which begins in January – would be […]

    Chart topping rap artist Professor Green explores the perils of depression in the male community, with his powerful BBC Three documentary – ‘Suicide and Me’. The British rapper candidly details his father’s death, discussing how men need to talk about their feelings to reduce the high rates of suicide. This documentary unearths the stigmas behind […]

  Yes, you read correctly, ‘Sniggaz’ a comedy special that “pokes fun at prejudices and stereotypes around race and diversity in the UK,” has unfortunately been commissioned by ITV and will showcase the talents of up and coming Black and Asian comics as they prank unwilling members of the public, all filmed using hidden cameras. According […]

  The suspense is over YouTubers, the global video streaming platform has officially publicised its paid subscription plans. YouTube Red will be the site’s new service costing a friendly $9.99 per month and its offerings will include original programs created by prominent members of the YouTube community. According to Tube Filter, members will get the opportunity to […]

  Producer, director and actor Noel Clarke has taken British hood drama to the next level with his franchise films, ‘Kidulthood’ (2006) and it’s sequel ‘Adulthood’ (2008). Fans will be pleased to know that Clarke could be returning to the big screen with a part three addition to the evolving storyline. In a live-tweeted interview for London […]

OVO rap artist Drake is a huge fan of Channel 4’s ‘Top Boy’ according to The Mirror. The Canadian rap star has extended his pockets by putting in an offer towards a third series based in Chicago. Rumour also has it that Drake was even prepared to invest in the entire ‘Top Boy’ franchise, however, Ashley Walters […]